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Types Of Videos We Offer

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Brand Message Videos

Brand Message Videos are one of the most important assets any business can have. They allow your potential clients to connect with you and your business, without ever meeting in person. They are basically virtual business card and can be put at the top of your website and social media for the best results.

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Testimonial Videos

Testimonial Videos provide social proof for your product or service, and create trust between prospects and your business. They push your warm and hot leads through your sales funnel, to convert into a client, sale, application, etc.

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Promotional Videos/ Social Media

Promotional Videos are the key factor in converting your prospects from Cold to Warm. Promotional Videos get your prospects off of social media and onto your website, by interesting your them into learning more about your business, product, or service.

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Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos help your clients better understand your products or services. Explainer Videos save you time, by automating the process of telling potential clients what you offer, and they help move prospects through your pipeline that may just need some help understanding your business/ what you offer.

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F.A.Q. Videos

Frequently Asked Questions Videos are one of the best ways to save time in your business. They prevent you from answering the same questions time and time again, and allow you to put that time where it's needed most.

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Hiring Videos

Hiring Videos allow you to explain exactly who and what you're looking for in an employee without meeting in person. They pre-qualify your leads and bring in the best possible applications. 

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Training Videos

Training Videos make sure all of your employees are on the right track, and in line with your businesses vision and values. They allow you to save time by doing a training ONCE, and then playing it back for hundreds or even thousands of employees to see. 

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Event Highlight Videos

Brand Videos are great at highlighting certain parts of your business, brand, or atmosphere. They can be meet our staff videos introducing all of your employees, or grand opening videos, or special event videos, etc. These videos will help remember your special event which people love seeing.  

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Listing Videos

Weather you are looking to rent out your Airbnb or looking to sell your home, Maxx Impact Media will make a video tour displaying your property.  With this video you are able to display your home or rental and it will sell a lot faster.  

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Micro Content

Micro Content is one of the most effective forms of content in 2022. Now more than ever people want short-form videos when on social media. Micro Content is just that. It allows you to grab your prospects attention, and pull them OUT of the social media black hole. It turns cold leads into warm, interested leads.  Maxx Impact Media will throw out ideals about your product or service that will be a hit on social media bringing people back for more and more.  

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Online Courses

Online Courses are the new way to learn about anything and everything. If you're passionate about something and have an interest in teaching it, create an online course! It can bring in passive income 24/7 for you, and allows you to reach so many more people.

Why Clients Love Us


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1. Discovery

At Maxx Impact Media, we understand the importance of thorough discovery. We take the time to delve deep into your company, goals, and target audience to gain a comprehensive understanding of how to effectively present your message.

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2. Production

The production phase is where our expertise shines. We bring your vision to life, capturing impactful content that will resonate with your ideal clients. Through our professional video production techniques, we ensure that your message is delivered with maximum impact.

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3. Distribution

Here's where the magic happens! Unlike other service providers, we don't overlook the crucial steps. With meticulous organization during production, we ensure that your video content is optimized for distribution across various channels. Our strategic distribution techniques guarantee maximum visibility and reach, resulting in exceptional results for your business.

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