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Video Production & Marketing FAQs

Our strategies are all driving the right audience to your website and nurturing them until they become a customer. Our Video Production & Marketing FAQ can help answer any questions you may still have about the services we offer. Here are answers to the most common Video Production & Marketing FAQs. 

Who does Maxx Impact Media Work With?

We work with Companies that are trying to take their business to the next level, using video strategy.  We have worked with the Medical field, Construction, Real Estate, Law firms  among many others.


I would prefer to read a script, is that possible?

Of course! We have a teleprompter that we can use to read off a script.


I'm very busy and don't have much free time, when do we shoot these videos?

Not a problem. With the proper pre-production, just 1 or 2 days is all we need. And if we can't block off a whole day, then we can shoot a series of videos after office hours over a few days. We will work around your schedule to get these video assets shot.


Why does video production cost so much?

Most videographers produce videos without thinking about the intended purpose of what the video is supposed to do. That's why business owners have been burned in the past with other "videographers." Here's the thing, even the most well produced video will be unsuccessful without the proper marketing strategy. We customize the video strategy that is inclusive of many videos working together with a specific purpose of getting your ideal customer to actually become a paying customer.

Can we break out cost over multiple payments?

Yes! We will take a deposit up front to lock in the contract and then schedule how many videos we will shoot each month. Once we determine the schedule, the payment schedule will follow suit.


When can I expect my videos to be completed?

The minimum video strategy that we recommend contains 3-7 videos which could take up to 12 weeks to shoot and edit.


Is ad spend included in your cost?

No, ad spend is an additional cost that you will have to determine how much you want to spend based on your budget.


Who runs the social media ads?

Once we create the strategic videos we will hand them to you and you can give them to your marketing team.  But if you are feeling overwhelmed  by  running and managing the video ads on social media yourself, then we are able to run multiple ads and analyze which ones are the most effective so we can double down on those ones that are converting the most leads/sales.

Once the social media ads are created, won't they just manage themselves?

We recommend that the ads should always be monitored by someone. If you want to manage the social media ads on your own then that is great! Just be sure to analyze which ones are being effective so that you don't end up throwing money away on ads that aren't converting.


Does Maxx Impact Media Provide Photography?

Yes!!! We have very skilled photographers that will help you improve your images to help improve your marketing presence. .  Feel free to ask for samples, and I'll be happy to send some over to you. 


Do you Use a Drone?

Drones are one of many tools in our toolbox, if used properly they can be an extremely effective cinematic device. We are  certified drone pilots with an FAA Part 107 license.  If needed, we will get great drone footage for you (weather permitting.) 

How Can
We Help You?

If you're looking for a video strategy to enhance your image online and ensure potential customers are getting the full and accurate picture of your company, we'd love to help and have a discussion about your goals  We are located in the Miami/ Fort Lauderdale area but serve clients across the country.

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