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 Find And Reach Your Ideal Customer With Video  Production

South Florida's Businesses Trust 

Impactful Video Content  Strategies
to Get  
Maximum Results

Share Your Brand's Story With High-Quality Videos

Find And Reach Your Ideal Customer With Our Video Production Services

Maxx Impact Media  was developed from a desire to help local businesses in South Florida thrive. Our creative team is ready to help your business share its story through a medium that helps you foster deeper connections with your target audience and make a lasting impression. If you’re failing to see returns on your current digital marketing strategies, video marketing may be the missing piece for your business. More than 80% of web content consumed daily is video-based, which means there is a vast audience out there ready to see what your business has to offer. Tapping into this audience is easy with an expert video production team, and that’s where we come in. Our strategy will help you identify and produce the right types of video content to resonate with your audience and help you see a strong return on your investment.

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Based On Consumer Reports 

Bought a Product or Service from Watching a Brand's Video


Viewers Retain a Message when it's Presented in a Video

Viewers Retain only 10% of the Message when read as Text

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Just Purchase Individual Videos?

Yes of course, although our strategies are optimized to get you maximum lead generation.  With multiple videos this is more likely to happen.

Why Hire a Professional When I Can Shoot Videos On My Phone?

We provide you with very professional  high quality, and impactful videos.  Also using audio equipment and lights to help you stand out and  giving your audience a memorable first impression but the most important thing is the strategy we implement to give you the best results to bring you more clients.   

Will Video Help My Business?

Yes! A well produced  and strategically marketed video strategy is by far the most valuable marketing asset companies have available to them. According to Buffer, "companies that use videos in their marketing campaigns have 27% higher click through rates & 34% higher conversion rates than companies not using video."



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